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“Looking for an Inspiration”

Things About Me

I am extremely passionate when it comes to Creative Writing and Basketball. Ever since I was a child I have always been writing stories and attempting to finish them (haven’t quite succeeded yet…). I am currently aiming to become a Novelist – I hope that my writing will be something that everyone can enjoy and allow their imagination of the scenes run wild. :D (And no, I don’t write about Vampires – AND NEVER WILL!)

Basketball became a newfound passion when I was in the middle of elementary. I loved the game, the rules and the teamwork that was required. I loved basketball so much that I came to a point where I couldn’t stop practicing and would shoot for almost 4 hours whenever I got the chance to. I played as a point guard – aiding the regular guards with my swift flexibility and to scare and create chaos on the court when I play defense. Defense has always been my favorite part of my game – mainly because I was so good at it! While on the other hand offensive was on my weaker side till my last two seasons of intercity basketball. It was my last year playing on the Intercity team where my awesome coach started to encourage and train me to start taking 3 point shots. Before I knew it, I was able to get at least 37% of my three pointers in the basket – and I continued to improve. Finally, my last year of basketball ended earlier than expected due to having to join the High School team rather than our regular intercity team where we ended up short on players. It ended quite miserably for me – since I was forced to choose to quit the team for personal reasons along with take my education as the priority.

About my Experience with Anime&Manga

I first actually started watching anime when I was in 9th Grade during the summer. So I have about 4 years of Anime in my Life. (Other than watching the DUBS on TV -which has been since Grade 6) so I had Anime appear before me before I actually grew an addiction of it. XDDD I admit it!

Due to that, I started wanting to write a blog about it. Though it was a lot harder than I thought, having to write a response regarding the episode or chapter, juggling with my heavy school schedule – it wasn’t easy and I am currently forced to cut to a break until I got more time on my hands. It didn’t quite work out properly with the blogging team since we had just about all the same problems – so in other words the blog is currently not being updated.

My Favorite Animes & Manga

Top 15 Favorite Animes:
(Because there are too many I like XD)

1. Code Geass
2. Kimi no Todoke
3. Clannad
4. Angel Beats
5. Kaleido Star
6. Fairy Tail
7. Ef Tales of Memories
8. Munto
9. Macross Frontier
10. Fate/Stay Night
11. Ouran High School Host Club
12. Fate/Stay Night
13. Tears to Tiara
14. Toradora
15. Hatenkou Yuugi

Top 10 Favorite Mangas:

1. La Corda d’Oro
2. Kuroshitsuji
3. Skip Beat
4. Pandora Hearts
5. Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!
6. Watashi ni xx Shinasai
7. Bleach
8. Kamisama Hajimemashita
9. Hana to Akuma
10. Dengeki Daisy

Current OTPs

Ulquiorra x Orihime [Bleach]
Tsukimori x Hino [La Corda d’Oro]
Hiruma x Mamori [Eyeshield 21]
Sena x Suzuna [Eyeshield 21]
Nanami x Tomoe [Kamisama Hajimemashita]
Yukina x Shigure [Watashi ni xx Shinasai!]
Ciel x Sebastian [Kuroshitsuji]
Ichigo x Rukia [Bleach]
Yumemi x Munto [Munto]
Alice x Oz [ Pandora Hearts]
Kobato x Kiyokazu [Kobato]
Misaki x Usui [Kaichou wa Maid-sama!]
Silver x Kotone [Pokémon – HGSS)
Yuuki x Zero [Vampire Knight]
Jack x Carly [Yu Gi Oh 5D]
Yusei x Aki [Yu Gi Oh 5D]
Kei x Zakuro [Otome Yokai Zakuro]
Riken x Susukihotaru [Otome Yokai Zakuro]
Penny x Sheldon [Big Bang Theory]

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